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Blue Man Group Minneapolis MN Tickets

A business group that organizes shows and concerts, Blue Man Group was founded by Phil Stanton, Matt Goldman and Chris Wink. The shows put together are the ones that incorporate music and comedy to form an interesting blend. It has also made TV appearances for programs like ‘Arrested Development’. The truly unique aspect of the show is the usage of the color blue – all the performers are dressed in blue. The company has done very well for itself and has now developed a parent company called ‘Blue Man Productions’. It is this company which now produces Blue Man shows universally. 

If a show that incorporates elements of humor, parody and excitement is something that you are searching for, then the Blue Man Group Minneapolis MN show will not be a disappointment for you. 
The show has several themes ranging from self-consciousness to innocence and naivety. For example, the Blue Man depicts surprise when having to face normal, everyday objects from the contemporary world. Also, the Blue Man does things like consulting a manual in order to understand how to throw a rock concert. Such themes can only be understood first hand. So indulge in the pleasure of watching this show live; book your Blue Man Group Minneapolis MN tickets now and experience a wonderful time with family and friends. 
If watching grown up men dressed in blue from head to toe, performing peculiar acts and making you laugh out loud is something that appeals to you, then the Blue Man Group Minneapolis MN event is definitely something you need to watch.  

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