Cirque Du Soleil Dralion Indianapolis IN Tickets

According to its own self description, Cirque du Soleil is " dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment", and that’s exactly what it is. Cirque du Soleil has gone beyond what you can expect from a traditional circus. Cirque perfectly fuses the elements of drama and theater with the art of circus. Cirque is one of its kinds in a sense that it does not feature use of any sort of animals, instead it rolls around character driven plot. This is the reason why Cirque du Soleil stands as the very definition of contemporary circus.

Started back in 1984, the concept and idea appalled the people a lot, which is why the popularity of Cirque grew massively during 90s and 00s. This rapid expansion led to the production of shows in more than 271 cities across the globe. Cirque employs cast members from different geographical and ethnic backgrounds, and has more than 4,000 people working for it that come from forty different countries.

The shows created by Cirque have been highly appreciated and awarded due to their uniqueness and creativity. In 1997, Cirque was awarded with Bambi Award and with Drama Desk Award in 1991 as well as in 1998. It has also taken home four Primetime Emmy Awards. As of the moment, Cirque has several shows running in various countries, each featuring a different plot and story. So if you’re planning to witness the reason why Cirque is such a big phenomenon as it comes to your city, then Cirque du Soleil Indianapolis IN tickets are what you may be looking for.

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