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Disney On Ice Evansville IN Tickets

Feld Entertainment’s touring ice show Disney on Ice brings together various fairy tale characters from Disney’s cartoon films, presenting a fun combination of its many plots and musical themes. The characters are figure skaters dressed up like cartoon characters, dancing about and performing their roles in mock cameos. Disney on Ice has eight productions namely Minnie and Mickey’s Magical Journey, 100 Years of Magic, Princess Wishes: Heroes and Princesses, Worlds of Fantasy, Let’s Celebrate, Dare to Dream, Rockin’ Ever After and Treasure Trove.  Each of these productions includes selected Disney characters for example Treasure Trove features those from Brave, Tangled, Toy Story 3, Tinker Bell, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and Cars.

Disney on Ice Evansville IN show brings its audience just the kind of Disney experience that is enjoyable for children as well as parents. Among its many productions the longest running have been 100 Years of Magic, which has been running for more than twelve years, and Minnie & Mickey’s Amazing Journey that has been on run since the last sixteen years. The shows have been performed worldwide even in non-traditional skating areas such as those of Asia and Middle East. Each new show is performed for two years in North America, after which it is taken to Japan, England, Australia and other regions till its fourth year, returning to America for its fifth year. Grab Disney on Ice Evansville IN tickets and celebrate all the years of Walt Disney productions in this marvelous ice show.

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Q:Do you sell general admission Disney On Ice Evansville tickets here?

A:Yes, we do sell Disney On Ice Evansville In Tickets on general admission basis. You will have to reach the venue well before time in order to get tickets on general admission.