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Disney On Ice Pittsburgh PA Tickets

Disney on Ice is an ice show presented each year by "The Walt Disney Company" in association with "Feld Entertainment". The show presents some of Disney’s best loved stories through ice dancing and figure skating. The idea for such a show was first initiated in 1981. The touring ice show, "Stars on Ice" had just begun, and it would attract a lot of audience that came to watch their favorite skaters. Figure skating was gaining more and more attention in the mainstream. This is what inspired "The Walt Disney Company" to have their own spin on the newly appreciated ice show phenomenon. A show, especially for children, was designed that would feature Disney characters on the ice. It was named "Walt Disney’s World on Ice". Later on, the production responsibility was moved to "Feld Entertainment" who changed the name to "Disney on Ice" back in 1998. Disney on Ice in Pittsburgh tickets will mark your attendance at the extravaganza.

When the show began, it only featured people dressed as different characters from Disney performing choreographed pieces. Professional skaters were chosen to present each routine. Eventually, the shows decided to take a step further and evolve into a more theatrical spectacle. Instead of simply dressing up performers as the characters, the managers decided to turn the shows into proper dramatic productions. Each show was unique, such that every show would have a different Disney story to portray. More production was involved and separate sets for separate stories were created. Disney was living up to the magical fantasy element it was so famous for creating and at Disney on Ice in Pittsburgh show you can witness it for yourself.

Eventually, the shows started to be split up and become known through various different names. "Dare to Dream", "Let’s Celebrate", "Treasure Trove", "Worlds of Fantasy", "100 Years of Magic", "Princess Wishes: Princesses and Heroes", "Mickey and Minnie’s Amazing Journey", "Disneyland Adventures", "Disney’s  High School Musical: The Ice Tour", and "Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 3" are all separate productions of the same show. Disney on Ice now runs more than 8 productions at one time.

The popularity of these shows has gone beyond North America. Although the US and Canada still remain the countries with the most Disney on Ice tickets sale, countries worldwide, too have started to show a great deal of interest. When the show first opened in Europe, it had quite the turnout as children were excited to see their favorite Disney characters in a never before seen manner. Soon, the Disney on Ice started to tour in many Asian countries, such as Japan as well. Now, it tours all over the Middle East, in Australia, and through most of the UK. New shows and stories are always tried out first in the US and progressed to overseas shows based on the response it gets.

The Disney on Ice in Pittsburgh show will consist of figure skaters and performers that are introduced as the Disney characters they are portraying. To keep on with the continuity of the show and to maintain their key fantasy element for the children in particular and the audience in general, the real names and identities of the actors and performers are never shared at any point in the show. Sometimes, actors are hired to deliver lines, or to make appearances in between the skating routines. Other times, "stunt doubles" are chosen to perform tricks and complex movements while the acting part is carried out by different performers.

The shows can also sometimes take an interactive turn. In the "Princess Wishes: Princesses and Heroes" show for instance, some members of the audience were given a chance to sit in Cinderella’s magic carriage that went around the ice. Similarly, in the "Under the Sea" number of the same show, some people from the audience got to sit in a boat and go around the skating rink. Famous Disney princesses including Princess Jasmine, Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, Princess Aurora, Ariel, Rapunzel, and Tiana were featured in this show along with their princes, The Beast, Prince Naveen, Aladdin, Prince Charming, Prince Phillip, Prince Eric and Flynn Rider. Their respective stories were presented in turn, ending in a grand finale that featured all the princesses together.

The highest amount of Disney on Ice tickets sold has been for the "100 Years of Magic" and "Mickey and Minnie’s Amazing Journey" shows. These are also the longest running Disney on Ice shows. With their increasingly elaborate productions, audiences this year can expect a bigger than ever show.

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