The Best Man New York NY Tickets

The Best Man New York NY show is focused on the topic of race regarding presidency, in the wake of two front-runners representing and competing for the nomination of their party while alongside they are to juggle with constant backstabbing, dirty-dealing, double-crossing and the usual games politicians are must know to play with the utmost tact. The drama produced by Gore Vidal,  heightens into a ‘roller coaster ride’ as described by the production, which keeps twisting and turning thus making for the most fun and hilarious evening inside theater doors. The tagline question that boggles all the audience is whether it is always The Best Man that gets to the White House? 

The Best Man New York NY show promises a star-studded cast with James Earl Jones who has won an Academy Award and twice won the Tony Award, and the five time winner of the Tony Award Angela Lansbury, both of whom head the main cast in this Gore Vidal production. Also contributing to the drama are Emmy and Tony Award winner John Larroquette, Golden Globe holder Candice Bergen, Emmy-winning Eric McCormack, Tony-nominee Kerry Butler, Academy Award nominee Michael McKean and yet another Tony Award winner Jefferson Mays. Fox 5 News has described the show to be a white, blue and red must-see, while NY 1 has called it an unqualified winner. Get your friends together, pocket up The Best Man New York NY tickets and be there to watch the most thrills the White House can possibly experience.

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