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Combining the protection of the environment with the entertainment, this is Atlanta Botanical Garden. Spread on 30 acres of area, Atlanta Botanical Garden is located next to another beautiful urban park, Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta Botanical Garden was built to bring the diversified type of plants in one place and to develop them. Another main purpose of Atlanta Botanical Garden is to display the plants, to get education and to make them entertaining. People who like to be close to nature will find this place a heaven. A trip to this park with discount tickets Atlanta Botanical Garden from our website will make the fun two fold.  

Atlanta Botanical Garden

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The garden was formed in 1976, followed by a petition filed by the locals of Atlanta and Bill Warner was made the first executive director of the park. After it was turned into a permanent park in 1980, many different kinds of activities started taking place at the garden including exhibitions and other social events. It was a mere three years that no less than 50,000 people had visited there, while the place was still without any definite structure. After its success, construction began at the park and the first structure erected was the Gardenhouse. The later expansions included Fuqua Orchid Center, the Fuqua Conservatory and The Children’s Garden.
TREEmendous TREEhouses, Chihuly in the Garden, Locomotion, the sculpture exhibition, Sculpture in Motion and David Rogers’ Big Bugs and Killer Plants are some of the popular events and exhibitions held at the Garden. Chihuly in the Garden was a glass art exhibition which was held in 2004 by Dale Chihuly. The exhibition ran for eight months and during this time, more than 420,000 people attended the exhibition.  
Following the success of the Garden, the expansion work started in 2010, as a result of which the garden was made double its size and was also modernized. The expansion plan added more structures to the Garden, the most prominent of them being the Canopy Walk. The Garden was modernized in a way that it became an energy efficient, water saving and environmental friendly place. There is a visitor center whose roof is filled with plants on about 50% area which provides shade, cool and insulation to the Garden and leads to the Canopy walk. The Edible Garden, which was previously an old parking lot, is a place where people can enjoy healthy food in the most beautiful of environments.  
Atlanta Botanical Garden is an entertaining place not only for the citizens of Atlanta but also for anyone who is visiting the city and wants to see its beauty at its best. Our wide range of Atlanta Botanical Garden tickets are not only for adults but also for kids and the whole family where each and everyone can find some fascinating plant and the well kept collection of them. The Garden has some event going on all year long so it’s a place which is never dull and is always brimming with beautiful plants from around the world and hundreds and thousands of nature loving people buying discount tickets Atlanta Botanical Garden.  

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