Comcast Theatre (Formerly Meadows Music Theater)

Comcast Theatre (Formerly Meadows Music Theater) Tickets

Theaters and entertainment venues serve as the backbone in the cultural and ideological development of any nation. Their role is vital for the nation as they provide healthy entertainment and opportunities of expression for people, and their importance cannot be ignored in any way for maturity and development of a society. Nations with a living soul always take care of these theaters and treat them as their asset, and one such example of a precious asset is the Comcast Theater.

Comcast Theatre (Formerly Meadows Music Theater)

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Situated in Hartford, Connecticut, the amphitheater named Comcast Theater has the facility of both outdoor as well as indoor theater venue. It is a big venue, and has the capacity to accommodate over 30,000 spectators at a time. The indoor as well as outdoor facilities can also be used at the same time, and with indoors having a seating capacity of 7,500 people and outdoor lawn area having a capacity of about 22,500 people, the arena has the privilege of being one of the largest amphitheaters across the United States having a total capacity crossing 30,000 especially during the summer season. It was previously named as Meadows Music Theater, and has recently been renamed as the Comcast Theater. It was previously also named as New England Dodge Music Center and Meadows Music Center. It is currently owned by Livenation.
The amphitheater has been designed beautifully, and has features in its design that enable it to have an edge over its competitors. One such features is that of a rolling door, that can be opened during summer season to allow open air seating arrangement, while it is closed during winter season converting it into a closed venue. This special arrangement permits the venue to be used even during very low temperatures of winter seasons providing the spectators a comfortable, cozy and enjoyable environment.

Some of the notable events that have been held at this venue include 104 Fest, an alternative rock festival that was organized by a popular radio station dedicated to this genre of music, named WMRQ. The venue has also been hosting concerts and musical events as a part of tours by many of the renowned bands, including Lilith Fair, Ozzfest, Projekt Revolution, Family Values Tour, Mayhem Festival etc. As a routine every year during summer season, Dave Matthews Band plays back to back shows at this venue. People who have a taste of music and know this routine always await these shows, and the attendance during these shows every year is remarkable, giving the show a record of ticket sales that could not be broken by any other band as yet. One of the unfortunate incidents at this venue also happened while the Dave Matthews Band was performing in 1999, when riot broke out in the parking area of the venue but was controlled later. With so many great artists performing regularly at this venue, Comcast Theater ing view tickets promise you the ultimate musical entertainment.

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