Off Broadway

Off Broadway Tickets

In the past few decades, Off Broadway productions have seen a rapid increase in their popularity and this is the reason why these shows are now considered a hot commodity in the ticket market. Plays and musicals such as Avenue Q, Voca People, Hair, In the Heights, Newsical The Musical and others have garnered critical and commercial appreciation and many of these productions went on to make their Broadway debut.

Traditionally, the term “Off Broadway” used to refer to only those shows in New York which were performed outside the principal theater district of Broadway. But since most of these productions were experimental and often innovative in their nature, the term was later adopted for a specific kind of productions. Today, the difference between Broadway and Off Broadway shows is more about theater size, production budget and commercial orientation of the productions than just their location.
The venues for Off Broadway productions generally have less than 499 seats which is far smaller as compared to Broadway theaters. The scale of Off Broadway productions is also small in comparison with its glitzier cousin Broadway. By catering to low budget productions, Off Broadway does not solely aim at generating money. It rather encourages creative and artistic expression. It proves as a breeding ground for a new talent and also promotes experimental theater which ultimately adds more glory to the American theater scene.
Over the year, different Off Broadway productions have earned widespread appreciation and critical acclaim. They have also fared well commercially and often ended up on Broadway. It is indeed interesting to know that The Fantasticks, which is known as the longest running musical in the history of theater, has enjoyed a splendid 42 years Off Broadway run. Some of the Off Broadway shows that have enjoyed Broadway runs include Rock of Ages, Rent, Hair, Avenue Q, A Chorus Line, Spring Awakening, and In the Heights. This trend of the successive runs of Off Broadway productions on Broadway is still on the rise and you never know that by booking Off Broadway tickets, you may be watching the future smash hit on Broadway.
Besides catering to high quality productions, Off Broadway has served as a launching pad of many theater stars, directors and writers. Legendary performers such as Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino and Colleen Dewhurst have made their debuts on Off Broadway, while several other noted members of the theater world have also started their careers on Off Broadway. Every year, these productions are recognized with different awards and honors, such as Drama Desk Awards, New York Outer Circle Award, and Drama League Awards. Besides critical acclaim, Off Broadway is also becoming commercially viable with the passage of time.  
The current lot of Off Broadway shows includes many interesting productions ranging from family-orientated plays to some dramatic and intense shows. Some of these plays and musicals have all the makings to graduate to Broadway, so it is a good idea to watch them now while Off Broadway tickets are well within your range. So don’t wait much and explore the world of creative and innovative theater by catching the latest Off Broadway production at your nearest venue.