Old Globe Theatre - The Old Globe

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The Old Globe theatre is a perfect way to time travel into the renaissance era. The baroque costumes and sets spring out from the classical plays of your favorite playwrights.  The theatre has been the pedestal to revive the gems created by the legends long gone. The theatre has been standing tall for past many decades and is attracting the interest of theatre goers for its high quality presentations and intriguing built. It is located amidst the refreshing green pastures of San Diego. It is one of the earliest professional theatres of California.

Old Globe Theatre - The Old Globe

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The Old Globe theatre is a replica of Shakespeare’s original Old Globe in London. The theatre is a Tudor style building which is supposed to be the original English architectural style in it truest sense. The connection of this theatre with Shakespeare has thus been inevitable. One of the theatre’s most popular events has been the Shakespeare Festival which opens in the first week of May and continues till late September. In this festival some of the best Shakespearean plays are showcased. These plays are presented by different accomplished directors from the recent times. They try to recreate the impact that Shakespeare meant to leave on his audiences in the first place.  The three Shakespearean classics lined up for this season are The Tempest and Much Ado About Nothing. These will be presented in one of the three centers of the Old Globe Theatre; The Lowell Davies Theatre. This is an outdoor seating arrangement with the capacity of six hundred and twelve people. One of the other awaited musical masterpieces to be presented on this stage is Amadeus by Peter Shaffer.

The Conrad Prebys Theatre Center interchangeably referred to as The Old Globe theatre, will be holding the well acclaimed play from the last decade August: Osage County. This has been the first ever structure built under the umbrella of Old Globe Theatres. The original structure was destroyed in the arson fire of 1978, but its existence is still significant in so many ways. This has been the flagship theatric establishment which can accommodate up to five hundred and eighty people. It was originally built to present the abridged version of Shakespearean Plays. It has held premieres of many unforgettable shows such as The Full Monty and Imaginary Friends Play On! and Into the Woods. It has also been the house of success for many Broadway Shows.
The Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre is the final centre of the series. It is considered to be the best facility in terms of acoustics and production capabilities.  To offer the audiences a more intimate, high end theatrical experience it has a state of the art design. This is the reason that it only has two hundred and fifty seats with not more than five rows from the stage. The Old Globe has earned an exceptional name in the regional theatres approved by the Tony Awards. Some of the Old Globe productions have become the Tony Award winning Broadway Productions. If you are an enthusiast then you can enjoy theatre at par with The Old Globe Discount Tickets.